The Best Cheese On Toast

The Best Cheese On Toast

Recipe No5.

We all love cheese on toast don't we ? Well we believe that our Saucy Shallot makes the best cheese on toast, with Worcester Sauce added into the cheese already its the perfect combination.  

Ingredients needed: 

Wedge of Saucy Shallot 

Thick Slice of bread white or brown 



Steps to make the Best Cheese On Toast: 

1. Grate the whole block of Saucy Shallot 

2. Put the bread into the toaster 

3. Once the bread has turned into toast, spread the butter over

4. Add all of the grated cheese over the buttered toast and put under the grill 

5. Remove from the grill when the cheese has fully melted and starts to bubble 

6. Enjoy! Remember to tag us in any recipes using our cheeses.


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