Cheese Fries With Bacon

Cheese Fries With Bacon

Fries with Smoked Cheddar & Crispy Bacon, sounds good aye!

Homemade cheesy fries are always the best because you can use as much cheese as you like, you can never have enough cheese.

Ingredients needed:

Frozen French Fries 

1 Wedge Smoky Oak 

2/3 Bacon Rashers




1. Cook the French Fries in the oven until golden brown.

2. Fry bacon till crispy and cut into small chunks.

3.Use the whole grated wedge of Smoky Oak, sprinkle over the cooked French Fries place back in oven until cheese is fully melted.  

4. Add the cooked bacon and chopped Rosemary on top of the French Fries.

5. Plate Up! Enjoy! Remember to tag us in any recipes using our cheeses.

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