Cheese Stuffing Chicken Toastie

Cheese Stuffing Chicken Toastie

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This probably has to be one of our favourites at Cheese Wedge, a Cheese Stuffing Chicken toastie.  As the weather at the moment is lovely, this is the perfect snack to enjoy in the garden.


Steps to make the toastie:


  1. Start with buttering one side of each slice of bread. (Use good thick bread as this will hold together better and allows more cheese to be added).


  1. Grate the Cheese Stuffing. Split the cheese between two slices of bread, placing it on the unbuttered side.


  1. Add the cooked chicken on top of the cheese, season with a little salt and pepper. 


  1. Make the sandwich, putting together the first and the second slice of bread with the unbuttered side down.


  1. Heat the frying pan until hot. Using a flat spatula, lay the two sandwiches into the hot pan (they should sizzle a little as they hit the pan). Gently press the sandwich with the spatula, for a few minutes on one side pressing from time to time, then flip over and repeat on the other side.  


  1. Remove from the pan when the cheese has melted and the bread has turned a golden brown colour.


  1. Cut into two and serve.


  1. Enjoy! Remember to tag us in any recipes using our cheeses.



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