The biggest craze this year– the keto diet.

The biggest craze this year– the keto diet.
Dieting in January? So are we! We have over indulged way too much over Christmas! Don’t think you can eat cheese whilst dieting? We are about to prove you wrong!

The biggest craze this year– the keto diet. A low carb, high fat diet.
Want to know how it works? You reduce your carbohydrate intake such as breads and pasta and replace it with fats like CHEESE. This then puts your body into a metabolic state called ketogensis.
When your body is in ketogenesis is becomes incredibly good at burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, because of course when you do this diet, you aren’t eating many carbs!
With this in mind, our cheese is PERFECT for this diet!
The flavours below have only 1.3g of carbohydrates per 100g or lower per wedge so you can treat yourself in January!
- Drunken Ginger 1.3g
- Mighty Blue 0.1g
- Smoky Oak 0.2g
- Toffee Vodka 1.3g
- Garlic & Parsley 0.6g
- Saucy Shallot 1.3g
- Dragon Bite 0.2g
- Cheddar Crunch 0.2g.   
Why not pick 5 of the above on our 5 wedges for 10-pound offer? You can find this here:
Treat yourself this January, whilst we are still offering FREE delivery on orders over 15 pounds!

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